About N. E. Last Words

Never Ending Last Words a/k/a  N.E. Last Words around Las Vegas, is an In Your Face nu-metal band formed in 2010 with an extreme sound and a dominant stage presence.  This group has a musical style consisting of Rock with an accentuation on Rap, as well as the rudiments of Funk, Punk Rock and Grunge which gives them their unique and distinct sound.

#NELastWords will tease the ears and daze the eyes. Their high energy and outstanding crowd commanding execution keeps the show fast paced and pounding. The band rallys together well with their fanbase to bring the high energy not only to the stage, but to the audience as well. Definitely representing the local music scene as well as painting a picture of the ups and downs of this wild and amazing city called Las Vegas.

NE Last Words are ready for you.  The question is... Are you ready for them?

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